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Dwight Taylor

\"\"Dwight Taylor is the Founder & CEO of VIZYUL LLC; a Tableau and Power BI Solutions Provider.  VIZYUL LLC help companies of all sizes understand self-service Tableau and Power BI usage patterns and optimize their environments.

With 20+ years of business intelligence experience, he has an established reputation as an innovator, thought leader and visionary for next generation business intelligence solutions. While leading a business intelligence delivery team at a large health insurer, Dwight recognized an opportunity for next generation partnerships between IT and business stakeholders in delivering self-service data discovery and data visualization capabilities.  Dwight spends the bulk of his time helping Fortune 500 and 1000 companies bridge the gap between the self-service data visualization needs of business areas and the support and infrastructure management responsibilities of IT.

Dwight has experience establishing data visualization communities of practice, training Tableau and Power BI administrators, power users, business analysts, data analysts and consultants. Dwight speaks at various information management and business intelligence conferences, Tableau launch events, Tableau user groups, universities and the Chicago startup community at 1871.

Dwight has extensive experience delivering data discovery and data visualization services in the healthcare, banking, non-profit, scientific research facilities and technology industries.